On August 21st a Search & Rescue team recovered Sheryl’s body from Heliotrope Ridge on Mt. Baker. The team included 20 people from Bellingham Mountain Search and Rescue, Skagit County Search & Rescue, and the Whatcom County Sheriff’s office.

August 25th Sheryl’s remains were cremated at Jerns Funeral Chapel in Bellingham, WA.

August 26th Dave, Joyce, Ann Marie, and John hiked to about 200 feet below the site of the accident on Heliotrope Ridge. Included are photos from our August visit of this area on Mt. Baker.

Mount Baker PeakMount Baker HillsideSheryl’s ashes will be scattered in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado at a future date.

5 Comments on Recovery

  1. Susan Gray says:

    My heart goes out to you. Many of us feel a sense of relief knowing she’s no longer alone in that place. However, missing her will never leave us.

  2. Tiffany Mourning says:

    Joyce, beautiful pictures of your trip. I hope that now, you may have a sense of peace and closure. I think about all of you including John often, Sheryl seemed to be an amazing lady, with a lot to give to the world.

  3. Meg Halford says:

    As Susan has written so well….missing her will never leave us. Take Care of each other.

  4. Barbara (Costello) McDougle says:

    Only now, when Sheryl’s body has been recovered and her ashes will be wafting over the rivers, mountains and prairies that she loved so much am I able to bring myself to voice a comment. I will always hear her cheerful, “Hi, Aunt Barb” over the phone or when visiting. Or the laughter and sharing when she and her cousin, Heather (my daughter), were together. Heather and I rejoiced at the births of Sheryl and Ann Marie watching their progress to adulthood through the devoted parenting of Joyce and Dave (my younger brother). Heather’s daughter, Kenner, has lost one of her second cousins and playmate. Reading the comments of her friends and co-workers I concur with everything they said. What a grevious loss and she will be always in our thoughts. We find ourselves talking to her and trying to find her voice in the wind and mountains. I hope we can be of some comfort to Joyce, Dave, Ann Marie and Jon. We love you.

  5. Cory Wilson says:

    I’m sitting here not knowing what exactly to say but feel compelled to say something. I am truly sorry for everyone’s loss and couldn’t even imagine losing someone I love at such a young age. I live here in Washington and was climbing Mt Baker on July 9-10 2011. Hiking past Sheryl’s resting place affected my team hard and it’s something we will never forget. After coming back I constantly searched for answers and updates on her recovery. With still a heavy heart, I can say that I am happy that Sheryl is back home in beautiful Colorado near all her family and friends. We will be climbing Baker again this summer and will keep Sheryl in our hearts! I also hope to come visit Colorado and climb your beautiful mountains soon. Sheryl was doing exactly what she loved and as a fellow mountaineer, I understand the freedom and addiction the mountains bring. Being mentally consumed by our earth’s towering creations, I can think of no better place to be in life.

    Cory Wilson, Seattle WA

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