Memorial Gathering

You are invited to join Sheryl’s many friends and share with each other the ways she touched your life.

Please come to her home on Saturday July 16th from 2 to 5pm.


Memorial Mass

A memorial mass will be celebrated for Sheryl on Wednesday July 20th at 8am. It will be held at:

St. Francis of Assisi Church
2410 B Trade Centre Ave.
Longmont, CO 80503

Following the mass please join Dave and Joyce at their home in Longmont. Coffee, juice, and lite refreshments will be available.

8 Comments on Memorial

  1. Rebecca Hall says:

    Thank you to Dave and Joyce (and John!) for hosting such a lovely gathering at Sheryl’s. It was great to connect with Sheryl’s friends, and to meet you (Dave and Joyce).

  2. Dana Peterson says:

    I echo Rebecca’s thanks. It was a really nice gathering and as a friend of Sheryl’s, it was so good to re-live some of our favorite Sheryl memories from skiing and running (the two activities we enjoyed together) and to get to know more about the many other sides of her brilliant life. Thank you for making it all possible. This site, too, has been so helpful as we have all grieved her. You are with us in thoughts and prayers daily and will continue to be. I am sorry to miss the mass on Wednesday, but trust it will be lovely.
    Dana (friend from New Castle, CO)

  3. Meg Halford says:

    Joyce, Dave, Anne Marie and John,
    Thank You so much for letting us share in the lose of our dear friend and colleague on Sat. I am sure it was difficult for all of you, but also, it allowed all of you and all of us to share our special “Sheryl Moments”. We will forever have them I am sure. It allowed us to grieve but also to celebrate Sheryl’s life. Sheryl was our “spark plug” in whatever we were doing with her-be it work or play.
    I wish I could join you tomorrow for her memorial in Longmont but will not be able to-however my thoughts will be with you then and for a very long time. If there is anything I or any of us can do for you please don’t hesitate.
    Meg Halford

  4. Kristine Wright says:

    Dear Joyce and Dave,
    I logged on to this website too late to be able to attend Sheryl’s Memorial Mass this morning. Sorry for not being there. However, I did attend Mass this morning at 7 a.m. Pacific Time to offer prayers for Sheryl along with you. I am glad I went.
    I will continue daily prayers for your family.


  5. Tiffany Cap says:

    Dave and Joyce,

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the Memorial Mass this morning and offering up your home afterwards to honor Sheryl, meet family friends and see Sheryl’s photos. It was so great to see you both and I am so glad I was able to be there. My thoughts are with you both.

    Tiffany Cap

  6. John Frank says:

    John Popp asked me to pass along the photos he took at Sheryl’s Memorial on the 16th. I posted everything that he gave me to the weblink below.

  7. James Chapman says:

    Dave, Joyce and Ann Marie,

    Erica and I are so sorry to hear about Sherly’s passing. We know what a wonderland person she was. We want you know you in our prays.

    James, Erica, Jr., Bella, Owen and Adelyn
    God Bless from the Chapman Family.

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